Monday, January 10, 2011

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll...

OK, so I think a little piece of me just died inside making that reference...

Anyway in continuing to pursue my goal of taking in more local, live music, I saw a few bands this past week... The music started off on Wednesday, purely by random happenstance. A good friend of mine moved to San Antonio, and we were having a farewell happy hour. One of her other friends there, Jason Horne, was doing an open mic night at the Last Chance Saloon in Plano, so we wandered over there. Jason performed shortly after we got there, along with Melissa Jones (who looked oddly familiar - turns out she was another friend of a friend). Good, laid back entertainment. I may end up there again this Wednesday.

Melissa recommended that I check out the Eric Beatty Band on Friday at Shuckers in Frisco, so that ended up being my next music stop for the week. They were good, albeit not quite my style of music (I prefer my country a little more folk). They did play a Tom Petty cover that I really enjoyed. Jason and Melissa got up and did a couple songs between sets, so that was cool...

After all the country music, I had to get my blood pumping again. Sunday at Reno's Chop Shop proved more than up to the task. Six black/death/stoner metal bands: Unto Acheron, Giant of the Mountain, Dei Aemeth, Betrayal by Truth, and headlined by Diskreet and Fallujah.

Giant of the Mountain

I went primarily to see Giant of the Mountain, after their great set on New Year's Eve, and they didn't disappoint me. I wish their set could have been longer, but I guess that's the downside of a six-band show. I hung out with them during the other bands' sets, and they are just cool people. I repeat my recommendation to try to catch them whenever you can. You can also download their 3-song EP for free from

The first band up, Unto Acheron, wasn't bad, but they had this really distracting habit of doing these synchronized squats a couple times per song. All I could think of every time they did that was the movie Zombieland: "Rule 1: Cardio."

The other band I was really impressed with was Dei Aemeth. It's a six-member band (OK, after looking them up, it's apparently a five-member band who had a guest guitarist), so I was really amazed that they weren't constantly tripping all over each other on Reno's fairly small stage. They all came together really well, though, for a very strong, complex sound.

The other bands were good, but nothing really jumped out at me and grabbed my attention, positively or negatively. The only other noteworthy bit was how sedate the crowd was. I don't know if it was because the bar was really freaking cold or what, but the bands had a hard time getting people going. The mosh pit lasted all of one song during Betrayal by Truth's set. It was kinda weird.

Anyway, that's all, musicwise, for this week... The next planned big event is a steampunk show on the 22nd. Who knows what might pop up before then, though...

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