Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beer, Pie, and Guitar Hero

OK, so yesterday went pretty well. I went a bit over my calorie target, but not egregiously so. I did cave to the temptations of the dessert table at work, but stuck to half a piece of cherry pie (and that’s fruit, right?). The happy hour at Blue Mesa was a bit of a trade-off. I did stick to just two Shiners, but also had a chicken quesadilla with jalapeƱos and sour cream.

Not a lot of physical activity yesterday. I did do the mile walk at work, so the day wasn’t a complete loss.

Oh well. Even with all that, I weighed in lower than I did yesterday, so win!

On the geek front, someone, who shall remain nameless, had been harassing me about leaving my Xbox Gamerscore at 9999. So, I went ahead and played a bit of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and knocked out a few achievements. So now I have broken the 10K mark, and that unnamed individual can rest easy.

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