Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One week to Cataclysm

Only one more week until World of Warcraft's new expansion arrives. Due to the fact that I had a few vacation days left to burn off, I will be off the first three days of release. During which, of course, I will be playing a ridiculous amount.

Not that I'll even scratch the surface during that time... I have my level 80 warrior to level, at least two worgen characters to create, and I'll probably try out a goblin as well... Before the launch, I want to run enough dungeons with my 80 to get an heirloom item or two to pass along to the new guys. And maybe level my new hunter a bit more. I can't believe Blizzard has sucked me back in to this extent.

Anyway, to toss in a fitness note on this post, I am understandably sore from last night's frenzy of activity. I have the kids tonight, so won't likely make it to the gym, but I need to do one of the fitness games or something to work through a bit of the soreness, or I will be dying tomorrow. Weight loss is still going at a slow but consistent pace. Tomorrow, it's back to Krav...

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