Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The beginning of the holiday fitness challenges

I am determined. I am going to be losing some weight over the next few months, holidays be damned. I'm currently at 223.5 pounds, which is a backslide of about 5 pounds from where I was a few months ago, but still 10 pounds better than I began the year. Today is kind of the first day of the holiday-related obstacles to my goal. At work today, we have a free Thanksgiving lunch. Hooray for free lunch! Going to do my best, though, to keep things in moderation, and avoid the dessert table.

This evening, challege part two comes in the form of a happy hour after work. Since I despise pretty much all forms of "Lite" beer, I'll just have to go easy on the Shiner Bock...

To help with the ongoing battle, I finally got the Wii Fit Plus set up again last night... Ran through about 130 calories worth of activities on that... I'm really liking the YourShape: Fitness Evolved for Xbox 360 Kinect, too. Never underestimate the power of Xbox achievements. I got a good reinstatement offer from 24 Hour Fitness, so I'll be starting up with them again. Those things, plus my Krav classes, should give me a sufficiently varied fitness program to keep me interested. Wish me luck!

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  1. Cool on the 24 hour fitness. I have a membership there and love the treadmill. Walking the treadmill. I suck at running. Good Luck and God Speed! You can do it!